Filmmakers Notes

We, Producer/Directors Wendy Slick and Emiko Omori, are of the “sex, drugs and rock ’n roll” generation. Being liberated and informed women, or so we thought, we were astonished by what Rachel Maines uncovered in her research of vibrator history -- that doctors were masturbating women as a treatment for a disease manufactured by the doctors themselves. This has been going on for 2,500 years. Opening the door to this taboo subject illuminated the connection between sex and power. In the current assault on our personal and civil rights, we feel an urgency to get this history out. It is tasteful and engagingly told. We want to reach a broad audience (age, gender and sexual orientation). In all of our works-in-progress screenings, after the documentary finished, there was lively and open discussions about sexual matters with people we hardly knew. We are liberating a subject long suppressed in our culture. And it’s about time.